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    Thibaut Baudet​ | Lyon, France


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Thibaut Baudet (born 15 November 1992) is a figure skater from Lyon, France, known for his fun and crowd-pleasing programs on the ice. He is a seven-time French national champion. He is also the 2012 Coupe d’Orléans champion and 2015 Grand Prix Final silver medalist. 

Skating club: Lyon Sport de Glace

Coach: Stéphanie Boulinier

Began skating: 1997

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Following his recovery from knee surgery, French figure skater Thibaut Baudet is back on the ice in his adopted hometown of New York City. “I couldn’t wait to… › thibautbaudet

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See all media featuring French figure skater Thibaut Baudet in competition, exhibition performances and more. 

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